Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hello friends!

360 students graduated from our Christian school in January. It was a very happy time. Last year, 1 million school age children in Ecuador didn?t have a chance to study or hear that God loves them.

It’ summer time here and we’re planning for school to start in April. We are facing a challenge. For years, we have fed the poor children that attend the school. Due to finances last year, we were only able to feed a small portion of the children. Sometimes this is the only hot meal that the child eats all day.

We know that a child that is hungry can't learn as much as he could, if he had something in his tummy. We currently have more than 1,600 children that could benefit from your assistance.
Would you help us feed the children this year? We can feed a child every school day for $8.00 a month.
$100 would feed a child for a year
$1,000 would feed 10 children for a year
$5,000 would feed 50 children for a year
$10,000 would feed 100 children for a year

Your donation is tax deductible. Please send it to:

Assemblies of God World Missions
1445 N. Boonville AvenueSpringfield, MO 65802-1894

Designate it for:
Jerry SmithMissionary to Ecuador
Account # 2358158Class 45 Feed the Children

Thanks from us and the children.
Janice and Jerry Smith
Assemblies of God Missionaries
Casilla 09-04-185 P
Guayaquil, Ecuador
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Friday, December 02, 2005

Janice and Jerry

Both Janice and Jerry gave their hearts to the Lord as children and as teenagers, they both felt God call them to the mission field. Jerry went on his first mission outreach to El Salvador when he was 16 and it profoundly marked his life. He returned to the United States with a passion to reach Latins for the Lord and a determination to learn Spanish. After high school, he enrolled in Bethany College in Santa Cruz, CA to prepare him for the ministry.

The night before leaving for college, Jerry’s father, a man of few words told him a story. He said that he had told the Lord while serving in the US Navy during WW II in the Philippine Islands that he wanted to be a missionary. When his enlistment time was over he returned home to his wife and 2 daughters and realized that his missionary dream would not happen. During the war, he suffered a tropical sickness that left him sterile. He told the Lord that if he would give him a son, he would call him John, after John the Baptist, and would dedicate him God. Jerry’s father had kept this in his heart all those years so that Jerry’s call would be from God, not man.

Janice assumed that she would be a missionary to Africa because of her heritage, her grandparents were missionaries there. At 18, she went on one short missions trip to Mexico and also felt something stir in her heart for Latins.

Jerry and Janice met at Bethany and were married in 1971. Jerry received his BS in Biblical studies and Janice a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 1975, they became pastors of Colusa Assembly of God, in Colusa, CA., a very small church, in a very small community, but very loving to a very young pastor. By then Kirk and Henry had arrived.

In 1979, the Smiths were appointed as foreign missionaries of the United States Assembly of God to Latin America and Glen was born. After a 10 week training period and over a year of visiting churches in the states to raise financial and prayer support, the Smiths arrived in El Salvador in May of 1980. Despite civil unrest and danger, they felt God’s blessing on their lives. When their 4 year term of service ended in 1984, they were anxious for God to guide them to another place where they could be of greater service to the Lord. Jerry said, “If God called me to spread measles, I’d get the best case I could, and then I’d go where they didn’t have measles”.

The Smiths started looking at the map of South America and felt God nudging them to Ecuador, specifically Guayaquil. Before moving to Ecuador, Jerry received his Masters degree in Biblical Literature from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and in August of 1985, the Smiths moved to Guayaquil.

In Jan, 1986, Jerry and Janice became pastors of Centro Cristiano de Urdesa, which at that time was meeting in a house on Todo los Santos with around 100 people on Sunday morning. The church had been started 3 years before by John and Mary Ann Wilke, also American missionaries. Immediately, Jerry started a second Sunday morning service to allow more people to attend and it soon became obvious that this growing congregation would need a larger place to meet. Their family grew that year as well, with the birth of Andrea in Nov.

They came to Guayaquil with the dream of establishing a school for those children that couldn't afford education and as a means to reach those children and their families with the Gospel of Jesus. God provided the funds through Jimmy Swaggert to buy the land on Juan Tanca Marengo avenue. Plans were made to build a multi purpose room, to be used as an auditorium for the church and to build 20 classrooms to start school in 1987. Mary Fairrington, Women´s Director of Northern CA and NV of the Assemblies of God raised $100,000 which built 10 of the classrooms. Rev. Marvin Long, Pastor of Calvary Temple, Yuba City, CA gave an offering of $90,000. to build the auditorium. God blessed this effort.

In April, 1987 the Liceo Cristiano opened school with 700 children in grades 1-6. The school grew in attendance and each year a grade was added until the school included all of secondary grades. More classrooms were added as needed and these were all provided by local funds, until it reached its actually capacity of 55 classrooms, and 3,000 students.

The church continued to grow and Sunday morning services were added. At one time, 5 services functioned at the campus, 3 in the auditorium and 2 in a large tent that had been mounted behind the Liceo in an empty lot. It was a very exciting time to see hundreds of people standing in line to get into a service.

On May 15, 1998 the church was able to purchase a large mattress warehouse 3 blocks away from the school and start to remodel it for a larger auditorium. On May 30, 2004, the newly modeled building that seats 3,320 was inaugurated and dedicated to God. Currently, there are 3 Sunday morning services with over 5,000 in attendance.

A dream put in 2 hearts by God became a reality. Thousands of lives have been touched, thousands of children have graduated from the Liceo Cristiano and all of the honor belongs to God.